The Work of the Order

Because the task of the Order is to create a balanced Magickian by balancing the Elements within the Self, the central image and symbol of the Order is an equal-armed cross with a rose at its centre. This signifies a number of things. Each arm is one of the Elements and points to its corresponding direction. It has the symbol of the Element upon it in the ‘flashing’ colour. Each arm ends in a triple leaf, symbolizing the growth and creative flowering of each Element. In the centre is a rose. This symbolizes the Element of Spirit, which brings balance to the Elements. It is also the Magickian, who is her/himself the balance of the elements. The red rose is emblematic of secrecy and self-restraint, and the white centre is the purity of intention at the heart of Magick. The rose is continually unfolding and developing, as is anyone who is on a Magickal path. This image is worn as a Lamen or pendant, over the breast bone of the Magickian, and shows outwardly the inner dedication of the Magickian’s heart.

As shown by the symbolism of the Lamen, the purpose of the Order is to facilitate the members’ task of developing and balancing the Elements within their own selves. Developing each Element, synthesizing them and then forming a balanced personality creates someone who is capable of connecting the Real Self with the Divine Self and using the Will to carry out effective Magickal acts. This can be understood both on an everyday level, as a transformation of the personality to achieve success in life. It is also as a process of spiritual development and refinement which creates a parallel personality on the spiritual dimension.

The MNOMT is a training Order which aims to train its members from beginner level to effective Magickian. It works from a series of grades, but it employs a spiral curriculum which repeatedly touches on the same issues in an ever-increasing depth.

The MNOMT itself develops its members on a number of parallel levels:

  1. On the material level it works to achieve a balanced personality which will then achieve greater success in all aspects of life. It is a practical guide to life, a coaching and personal development programme, both physical and psychological.
  2. It teaches and enables its members to develop psychic awareness, self-protection and the knowledge and ability to perform magickal acts effectively.
  3. It is also a spiritual path which, without being a religion or dogmatic in any way, provides a world view and gives a sense of meaning to life and a connectedness with the Divine.