The Symbolism and Structure of the Order

The Basic Symbolism Used in the Order

The MNOMT is an expression of the Western mystery and initiatory tradition. In this context, ‘Western’ refers to the geographical and cultural area of Europe and the Middle East. There are many such magical and mystical groups, and they draw upon the symbolic structures which are derived from these areas. The most common influences are ancient Egypt, the Jewish and Christian bibles, Kabbalah and alchemy.

The central symbolic structure of the MNOMT is taken from the Kabbalah. In particular it uses the Kabbalistic tree, the four worlds and the twin pillars. It is not in any way religious, and does not expect any religious views from its members, but it does employ religious terminology and imagery, especially Jewish, Christian and ancient Egyptian.

Structure of the Order

The Order consists of ten grades, subdivided into three levels.

  1. The first is the outer level and consists of grades one to five. The Outer Order is a training order and has the task of balancing the personality and creating a fully rounded human being.
  2. The second is the Inner Order and consists of grades five to seven. It covers the skills and knowledge needed to perform advanced Magickal working as an aware and independent Magickian.
  3. The third is the Hidden Order and consists of grades eight, nine and ten. The work of this Order is on a spiritual plane and is impractical to try to describe without the experience of the first two levels.