The Founding Myth

All spiritual groups and Magickal Orders have a myth which seeks to explain their origins and the basic of their existence, and describes the work that the Order does. It is important to stress that this Myth, whilst not intended to be a statement of historical fact, is a very important way of focussing the group’s energies. Freemasons see themselves as constructing a perfect building in their own personalities and souls; the Golden Dawn stressed the initiate’s identification with the death and resurrection of the god; Wicca emphasizes the connection to nature, the past and especially to feminine energies.

In the same way, the MNOMT has a founding myth. We see ourselves as constructing a Temple, which then exists both within ourselves and simultaneously on a spiritual dimension. This Temple is modelled after the Temple in ancient Jerusalem, and the task of the member of the Order is to build this Temple and in so doing achieve mastery over it. The Temple is built out of the five traditional elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. They refer to the inner processes of body, intellect, energy, emotions and the Real Self. In balancing the elements within oneself, one can achieve mastery over those aspects of the personality. This will allow the Magickian to connect with the true Will, and that Will can accomplish all that the Magickian needs on the physical, emotional and psychic levels.