Taste of Magick

Please contact us for details of our next introductory ‘Evening of Magick’ workshop by emailing admin@mnomt.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!


We are ritual Magickians working in the Golden Dawn tradition. We lead a Magickal Order and run training courses in ritual and ceremonial Magick.

We now invite you to experience an evening of Magick.

The evening starts with an introduction to what Magick is and how it is done. Then we do a Magickal ritual, followed by a reflective discussion about the experience and how to understand more about it.

You don’t have to have any previous knowledge to come on this evening, but, as we will be doing real Magick, you will need to be intelligent, mature and able to concentrate and focus your energy. Everyone will have a role in the ritual, so you will need to feel able to participate actively. You will also need to be comfortable with working with Jewish, Christian and Ancient Egyptian imagery and symbolism. The personal details of all participants will be confidential and you will be expected to agree to respect other people’s confidentiality.

We have a limited number of spaces for this evening for four participants.

The event takes place in north London. It starts at 7.00 and ends around 10.00. The cost for the evening is £10.