Secrecy and Confidentiality

Secrecy is common to all Magickal and fraternal Orders, for very good reasons: both practical and spiritual. However, we are also aware that secrecy can lead to dangers. They include elitism, obfuscation, abuse and misuse of power. So although there is a need for confidentiality within the Order, secrecy is kept to a minimum and the reasons are explained clearly to all.

The Order will keep basic personal information on Members, including name and contact details, but this will be kept to a minimum. All personal details of members, including names, are kept confidential. Members are free to share personal information with other members to the extent they choose, but the Order will not disclose any personal information.

Upon initiation into the Order, a member takes an oath of secrecy. This covers two areas. The first is not to disclose the contents of the Order, such as its rituals, to people who have not got the resources to manage it safely. If this issue arises, we expect members to seek advice from the Order leaders and teachers as to how it can best be managed. The second area is personal confidentiality. Many people who join the Order are happy to make this known to the world at large; but many are not. It is up to each member to decide the extent that they wish information about themselves, including membership of the Order, to be disclosed, and so every member takes an obligation to respect the absolute confidentiality of all fellow members.