Coaching and Mentoring

Do you want to expand your Magickal life? The Most Noble Order of the Masters of the Temple acts as a consultancy which facilitates spiritual, psychic and Magickal development and helps you to become a more balanced and effective practitioner.

We offer a variety of one-to-one Magickal training approaches for people who want to develop their awareness, knowledge and practical skills:

  • Coaching is designed for those who want to get to expand their experience of ritual and practical Magick. This will help you understand the nature and purpose of ritual and help you to construct safe and effective rituals and Magickal practices for your own life.
  • Mentoring can help you explore the Magickal life and the many challenges and issues it throws up. We can help you negotiate the practical, psychological and philosophical issues of being a Magickian.
  • Supervision supports Magickians who want to refine their skills and expand their knowledge base. We will help you with the advanced theory of Magick to enable you to develop your potential as an independent practitioner.
  • Magickal and spiritual life throws up many questions and challenges. Spiritual Direction and Counselling helps you to develop yourself and your personality in a balanced way which will make your Magickal life more effective. We will also help you to look creatively at issues such as how to decide upon the spiritual path which is right for you, and how to integrate spirituality in your daily life.