The One-Year Training Course in Magick

Modern Magick in the Order is an approach to spiritual life which incorporates traditional Western Spirituality with modern psychological awareness and attitudes. It is based on the Golden Dawn system of Magick, which was created in the late nineteenth century, but has been modified to make a practical and straightforward way to create a balanced, sane and effective practitioner of Magick.

The Order is divided into three sections: outer, inner and hidden. The outer Order is a training Order which has as its goal the development of the personality to the point where the member is competent to carry out independent Magickal work safely and effectively. On successful completion of the course members can choose to keep working towards initiation into the Inner Order.

The Order uses the symbolism of the Order Lamen as an illustration of our approach. The four arms of the cross are the four traditional elements of earth, air, fire and water. They are linked to (respectively) the body, the intellect, the actions and the emotions. The aim of Magickal training is to achieve mastery over these aspects of the self, and this is symbolised by the central rose of Spirit, the place where the four elements are balanced, and constantly unfolds as we develop.