Ethical Position

Magick is a force or process without any inherent ethics, good or bad. The Magickian, however, acts within society and can affect that society very powerfully, for good or bad. The MNOMT takes a very clear ethical position, which it expects all its members at all times to adhere to, and which it seeks to model within the group. We see ourselves as promoting not only the spiritual development of the individual but also the good of human society and the world in general, lifting it up to a higher level and allowing its potential to be fulfilled. We work actively to promote freedom, openness, tolerance and respect. We understand that our actions within are reflected in the world outside, so we have an active programme of caring for others and for the world, and of charitable support of a number of causes.

One of the severest criticisms of Magick is its amorality. Crowley’s dictum “’Do what thou wilt’ shall be the whole of the Law” is often taken to be a license to do whatever you like to others without any thought of morals, to behave as badly as you choose, and to be as selfish as you want. The Order rejects all of this and teaches a moral position. It doesn’t have a Ten Commandments, because it doesn’t tell you what moral decisions to make; but it teaches the value of honesty, respect, compassion and decency. In the same way that it sees itself as a positive developmental force for the individual, the Order sees itself as a positive developmental force for society as a whole. To that end it runs its own charitable programmes.

Abuse is abuse, no matter that it occurs within a spiritual context. Abuse can happen in many ways: financial, sexual, intellectual and emotional. The Order does not condone abuse of any kind, towards people or animals, and there is no room in the Order for abusers.