Contents of the Course

Course contents:
Theory: Practice:
Introduction: what Magick is and what it isn’t Looking at traditional and current ideas and misconceptions about Magick
What I want Magick for and what I think it will achieve in my own life Exploring my own fantasies, desires, attitudes and needs
The qualities of the four elements; the values and limitations of the Elemental system Balancing the Elements in my own life
Ethics in Magick Developing the ethical guidelines for the course and committing to them
The use of the Will in Magick What I want for my own life and how to find the true Will
Understanding ritual space Constructing my own ritual space
Understanding ritual equipment Constructing my own ritual equipment
Kabbalah The Middle Pillar: how to use kabbalah in my own life as a balancing tool
Understanding the Magickal group Creating a Magickal group and working with dynamics and personalities
The varieties of Magical approaches Discovering the approach that I am drawn to, understanding why and how to develop it
Magick and mental health Being a Magickian and not only staying sane but becoming a more balanced and effective human being.
Understanding and Tarot Using Tarot both as a system of occult knowledge and as a divinatory tool
Psychic attack and psychic self-defence Keeping safe in the spiritual world, recognising psychic attack and defenduing against it
Spiritual entities: who they are and what role they have in Magick How to get to know the main spiritual entities and work harmoniously with them