Components of the Course

  1. Magickal theory: the student will gain an understanding of what Magick is how it has developed since earliest times. The student will be able to compare and contrast a range of ancient and contemporary Magickal approaches and to understand the theories which underpin them.
  2. Magickal practice: the student will learn how to construct a Magickal space and their own Magickal equipment; to create and perform Magickal rituals and learn how to incorporate Magickal into their life. They will learn how to create relationships with spiritual entities.
  3. Personal development: the student will, with the help of the group, develop themselves, their self-awareness and attitudes; and look at the impact that Magick has on the personality and the psychological issues associated with Magickal practice in daily life. It is an opportunity to transform life and to make it more effective, more balanced and in line with the student’s true Will.
  4. Individual mentoring: the student will have regular meetings with their mentor to look at their personal Magical journey and the personal issues brought up within the course.
  5. The course will also be a forum for dealing with the issues, practical, spiritual, ethical and psychological that arise from Magickal practice.