Aims and Format of the Course

Aims of the course:

  1. For the student to become an informed and effective independent practitioner of Magick with the necessary skills to work in a safe and effective way
  2. For the student to develop the self-awareness, self-control, courage, moral strength and balance necessary to be a Magickian

Length of the course:

The course will run for one year and, outside holidays, will meet for two evening sessions, lasting three hours, each month.

Format of the course:

The course is divided into four sections, corresponding to the four grades used in the Golden Dawn and covering a term each. We depart from the traditional Golden Dawn format by not going sequentially through the grades like the rungs of a ladder. Rather, we use a spiral curriculum to cycle continually through each of the four elements. Each student on the course starts with a different element to concentrate on. In this way we work on the aspects of the body, intellect, actions and emotions in detail whilst at the same time synthesizing and balancing the elements with each other.

At the same time we cover the basics of Magickal theory and practice, going deeper as we spiral up through our personal development.