Welcome to the website of the Most Noble Order of the Masters of the Temple.

We are a Magickal Order which exists both as an operative Order, which means that we practice Magick; and as a training Order, because we aim to train men and women in Ceremonial Magickal in the Western mystery tradition. We are Peter and Miriam, and we both have many years’ experience in spiritual work. Together we run the Order. The Order was initially set up as a way of us developing our own personal Magickal practice, and we later decided to open the Order up to other people who wanted to get to know the theory and practice of Magick. We offer an opportunity to learn about Modern Ceremonial Magick, to participate in and learn how to construct Magick ritual, and to find a safe and sane way to become a practitioner of Magick. Although for us the Order is our Magickal home, we would expect most other members to use it as a stepping stone on their own personal spiritual path.

We have been very involved in spiritual development for all of our lives, and our experience has been in Christianity, Judaism, Kabbalah, Shamanism and Paganism.

We are also a psychologist and psychotherapist, and we work in counselling, coaching, mediation and groupwork. We bring these skills and insights to our Magickal practice and training.